Sur-ron bikes

Revolutionizing the Scene

Surron is making waves across the USA with its mid-drive electric bike, redefining the concept of ride-anywhere freedom. With impressive speed, extended range, and unwavering reliability, SurRon USA stands at the forefront of introducing this groundbreaking bike. We take pride in upholding this tradition, providing both the bikes themselves and an array of upgrade parts for an enhanced riding experience. Apollo-rfn-bike-202 where to buy surron3,sur on, surron germany,sur-ron electric bike price…where to buy a surron

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About Surron

Through the Light Bee , Sur-Ron’s desire is to offer you a high- performance, reliable and affordable product , for use as much for urban mobility as for intensive sports practice. With a comfortable autonomy compared to other products on this market, an astonishing weight/power ratio and a design that is as unique as it is attractive , the Light Bee model meets the expectations of the most demanding users throughout the world. For all these reasons, the EVE company, which specializes in engineering related to the electric motorization of light vehicles, is today proud to offer you exclusively the products of the Sur-Ron brand on the France and Benelux area !

Enter the New Era of Electric Performance Bikes.

Sur-Ron emerges as a standout success across various disciplines such as Trials, Enduro, Hill climbing, Exploration, and Freestyle fun. Its unparalleled torque has captivated even the most seasoned riders. Whether through Integration, Design, or Performance, Sur-Ron E Bikes establish groundbreaking standards in every aspect. Welcome to a realm where excellence knows no bounds. mototec-mud-monster-kids-electric-bike-48v-1000w how much does a surron cost…surron shop,how much are surrons,surron x bike,sur-ron electric bike for sale
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Explore the Future of Electric Performance Bikes with Surron.

Surron has taken the USA by storm, captivating riders across disciplines such as Trials, Enduro, Hill climbing, Exploration, and Freestyle fun. Its immense torque has garnered praise from professional riders, making it a standout choice. Whether it’s through Integration, Design, or Performance, Surron E Bikes set new benchmarks in every facet. Welcome to the next generation, where excellence knows no bounds. Enhance your Surron experience with a wide array of accessories and custom parts. Many components, including Bars, Stems, Brakes, and Suspension, are interchangeable with high-end Downhill MTB Products. This offers a vast range of performance and cosmetic upgrades, allowing you to personalize your machine. Explore our collection, featuring custom Decals, Supermoto Wheel Kits, and Component and Suspension upgrades. Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have gained popularity as a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Surron, a brand synonymous with high-performance and durable electric bikes, stands out in this burgeoning market. In this article, we delve into the Surron X-Light Bee Electric Bike Black, addressing common questions regarding its features, legality, and pricing.

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Firstly, the question of Surrons’ street legality is addressed. While Surrons are street legal in most countries and states, it’s essential to be aware that e-bike laws and regulations vary. Always check with local authorities before taking your Surron onto the streets. The Surron X-Light Bee Electric Bike Black is a high-performance e-bike designed for both off-road and on-road use. Boasting a powerful 4,000-watt electric motor capable of reaching speeds up to 46mph, it stands as one of the fastest e-bikes available. The bike’s long-lasting battery, with a potential range of up to 60 miles on a single charge, further enhances its appeal. A standout feature of the Surron X-Light Bee Electric Bike Black is its waterproof design, ensuring resilience in harsh weather conditions. Priced at $4,500, this e-bike offers a compelling investment for serious riders, given its high-performance and durable design. Explore the world of Surron bikes, where innovation meets durability. Whether you’re seeking a reliable commuter or an off-road adventurer, Surron offers a diverse range of electric bikes to suit your preferences. buy surron,sauron bike,sur-ron light bee x,surron x,surron,surron for sale,surron bike,surron usa,surron ultra bee,ultra bee,siron e bikesur ron x,sur ron for sale,surron america,surron near me,ultra bee surron,surron bike for sale,surron california,surron,surron for sale,surron battery 2024,surron e bike,surron bike,surron x,surron ultra bee,surron usa,on ron x,on ron bike,surrons for sale,on ron bike for sale,surron california 2024,rfn apollo,surronxsurron e bike for sale,surron for sale los angeles, 2024 surron for sale near me,sur-ron electric bike price,surron dealers,surron los angeles,2023 surron,how many are surrons,surron light bee battery,on ron ultra bee for sale 2024,surron-light-bee-electric-bike, 2024 surron x,surron electric bike,surron x,surron x e bike,surrons for sale,sur ron light bee x,surron e bike,surron bike price,sur ron usa,sur ron x for sale,surron light bee x1 2024,sur ron for sale near me,surrons for sale near me 2024,surrons for sale near me, sur ron luna ebike, luna electric bike, luna electric, luna bicycles, luna bike, fast electric bike, fast e bikes, electric bikes el segundo, talaria 2024, talaria xxx, talaria sting, talaria sting R MX4, fast ebike for sale, fast electric bikes for sale,fast electric 2024, fast ebike, fast electric bikes, moon bikes, fastest e bike, fast ebikes,fastest electric bike, segway dirt ebike x260 reviews, segway electric dirt bike, segway dirt bike, luna, cycle bike, used sur ron for sale, used e bikes for sale near me, z1 motorsports coupon, used e bikes for sale, engine kit for bicycle, x260 electric bike, electric bike near me, motor for bicycle, segway ebike, super73 z1, super73-z miami,bafang ebike conversion kit, electric unicycle for sale, electric unicycle for sale, motorized bikes for sale, cycles, evike houston, ebikes, segway dirt ebike, rock city cycles, ariel ebike, rock city cycles, electric bike shop near me, dirt ebike, electric cycle, ebike for sale near me, lectric ebikes, cycle springs, electric motor bike, electric bike store near me, fast bikes, e bike shop near me, electric chopper bike,electric mini bike,motorized golf push cart, handlebar cyclery, lunas san jose, ebike that goes 40 mph, fastest ebike, ebike shop near me,motor kit for bicycle, electric motorcycle conversion kit,spider mountain bike park,life cykel reviews, dirt bike pictuers, e bike stores near me.

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Amazing Battery

The battery is 65v 32ah of Panasonic goodness. This is the best battery design we have seen in a small EV.Every thing in this battery was made custom for the Surron.  It has an advanced battery management system (BMS that not only protects your battery from overcharge and under charge, but also monitors the temperatures of the battery, the motor and the controller and will dial back power if things get too hot.


Sine-Wave X controllers are digitally controlled and programmed to provide a much smoother, predictable power curve across the entire operating range..

The most efficient, reliable, smooth and powerful type of controller there is. This is the most advanced type of controller available for a small electric vehicle and comes standard with the Surron.


The Sur-Ron’s torquey mid drive motor and high power to weight ratio effortlessly accelerates riders to speeds of up to 45 – 50 Mph (80kmh) leaving all competitors in its wake.

Some people have upgraded their controllers and batteries and have put 20,0000 watts through this 15 pound motor which is insane.